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Reasons for Referral: Families seek the help of Family Hope in a variety of situations such as homelessness, hospitalization, mental health needs, domestic violence, drug/alcohol rehabilitation, and incarceration.

Referral Source: Families can self-refer or may be connected to us by social service agencies, homeless shelters, hospitals, drug treatment centers, doctor's offices, schools, jails, etc.

Length of Stay: Average length of stay is 4-6 weeks, but length of stay is based on the individual need and can range from 1 day to several months.

Age: Children & young adults ages 0-20 are eligible.

Reunification: Approximately 98% of children return to their parents

Cost: Free

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Hope Line: 317-456-5220

Mailing Address: 9801 Fall Creek Rd. #244 Indianapolis, IN 46256

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