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What If...

Mother and Daughter

We could stop child abuse before it starts?

Children could be protected during times of crisis without entering the child welfare system?


Parents could ask for help without fear of losing custody of their children?


Single parents were connected to support instead of socially isolated?

Non-profits, churches, and volunteers worked together to help families in need?

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Family Hope

                                                          is a collaboration of area churches providing supportive relationships for isolated families. We are a Christian, non-profit operating through our team of trained and vetted volunteers who offer temporary hosting of children, connections and guidance for parents, and a bridge to family stability.


OUr mission

                                                           is to bring hope to families through caring, connective relationships formed in the redemptive love of Jesus by providing a CHURCH-LED, PREVENTATIVE, DOUBLE-VOLUNTARY model of care.

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After a referral is received by our intake Hope Line and determined to be an appropriate fit, our team works quickly to match the families with volunteers who have been recruited from local churches and have been thoroughly screened, trained, and approved with multiple background checks, fingerprinting, references, and a home evaluation. 

 Families may request a Host Family for an overnight stay or day-time hosting or a Support Friend to help with non-hosting needs such as transportation assistance or mentoring. A Support Coach is assigned to each arrangement and works with parents to meet measurable goals while also closely monitoring children in volunteer care. 

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Our Sweet Water Team provides a Circle of Support to moms who have been served through Family Hope by connecting with them  through group fellowship and one-on-one mentoring. To learn more about Sweet Water, meeting times, and volunteer opportunities, visit their website! 

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